School CPD Programme

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Making it Happen comprehensive set of CPD programmes for schools which offers:

  • 8 professional development programmes
  • 60 Curriculum for Excellence training films

Professional development programmes

  1. Understanding the Framework - view contents
  2. Interdisciplinary Learning - view contents for primary - view contents for secondary
  3. Creating Excellent Learning Environments - view contents
  4. Planning Curriculum for Excellence  - view contents for primary - view contents for secondary
  5. Active Learning - view contents
  6. Empowering Learners - view contents
  7. Rich Tasks - view contents
  8. Collaborative Learning - view contents

The professional development programmes focus on different aspects of Curriculum for Excellence. They help teachers and school leaders to understand more about key elements of the new framework and they support planning, self-evaluation and curriculum development. Each programme comes with a Facilitator guide, a DVD containing video clips, a PowerPoint presentation and training materials that can easily be customised to suit stage, departmental, whole school and cluster CPD activities.

view sample facilitators guide

Curriculum for Excellence training films

Making it Happen contains 60 short films that support the professional development programmes. These films feature contributions by some of the worlds leading educationalists including Dylan William, Stephen Heppell and Brian Boyd, as well as examples of innovative practice across Scotland. They offer important insights and guidance that will help to build the knowledge and confidence of teachers. See full menu of films


Prices and Ordering

Each programme costs £75

If you buy all 8 programmes you get a 25% discount plus a folder with all printed material coming to £450.

Learning Curve also offer to deliver these CPD sessions - call for pricing and availability.

Call us now on 0131 467 4179 to place an order, or fax orders on 0845 468 1231

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