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Planning Tool Changes

The planning tool has been updated - if this is the first time you have used it for a while then please do the following to make sure you get the latest version:

  1. Launch the planning tool using the link below and then click on the F5 key (or select Page refresh from your browser menu).
  2. Open an existing plan or create a new plan and when it loads click on the F5 key (or select Page refresh from your browser menu).

This will ensure you have the latest version.

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Planning Tool Version 2

Following feedback from the rapidly increasing number of schools using the planning tool, we have made a number of changes to the program.  Existing users should not worry, you won’t lose any of your previous planning work, but you might wish to revisit existing plans at some point to take advantage of some of the new editing features and also the new tool which tracks CfE experiences and outcomes.

Here is a summary of the main changes to the planning tool.

Learning intentions: To embed principles of formative assessment, users will be able to start each section of a plan by recording an appropriate learning intention.

Success Criteria: Users should identify and record success criteria related to the learning intention.  Clicking the + sign takes you to a menu of curriculum areas, from where you can navigate to a menu of associated success criteria.

Formatting Features: The planning tool now has a range of text formatting features, including the ability to create bullets and numbering of lists, emboldening, italics and underscore.

Interdisciplinary learning: A new field enables users to record the ways in which learners are able to make connections in their learning across different areas of the curriculum.

Menus: The Assessment and the Learning & Teaching menus have been extended to include more options for selection and which better reflect emerging Curriculum for Excellence practice.

Printing: Improvements have been made to the layout of printed plan, including the separation of different sections into formatted boxes.  We hope to provide a landscape version of the plan in the near future as an alternative format.

Tracking Es and Os: When you are in My Plans, check out the new feature which enables users to track those experiences and outcomes covered during forward planning.  Simply check the boxes against the plans that you wish to include in your tracking and click the Track Experiences and Outcomes button on the top row.  You will then see an audit of all Es and Os you have covered, and also where they appear in each of your various plans.  Learning Curve will shortly update this feature to enable users to view the Es and Os under each curricular area.

Coming Soon!

Learning Curve is introducing a range of new tools to support Curriculum for Excellence in the near future.  These include:

  • An alternative planning format to support interdisciplinary learning projects
  • A personal profile toolkit for Primary 7 pupils
  • A personal profile toolkit for Secondary pupils
  • A transition profiling tool for teachers which supports P7-S1 transition

Planning Tool

The planning Tool is a subscription service, but at low prices.
Click here for prices.

Due to popular demand, the tool will be enabled for the Third level, although the data for this level may take a bit longer to produce.

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Planning Tool Walkthrough

Click on the screenshot below to watch a quick demonstration on how to use the planning tool. (Note that this shows version 1 and there have been quite a few changes in version 2).

You need flash to see this movie

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Planning Tool Quickstart Guide

planning tool

Download this guide as a word document - planning toolkit quick start guide.doc

Read more: Planning Tool Quickstart Guide

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